Emmanuel Angomwile

Board Chairperson

Emmanuel Angomwile has more than ten (10) years growing and selling high-value crops and field crops. He also has more than seven (7) years’ experience in legume seed business and more than fifteen (15) years combined experience in risk management insurance, corporate finance and Treasury in a commercial bank, Non-Bank Financial Institutions Supervision and Regulation, and fixed income investments. Emmanuel serves as a member of the Harvest University Council where he it’s the Chairperson of the Finance Committee. He is also a board Chairperson of Dominion Commodities Limited, a private company that deals in commodities, such as industrial and heavy duty equipment, metals, agricultural products among others. Emmanuel also serves on the Interim board to oversee the establishment of the Bank of Zambia Staff Credit Union.

Emmanuel is a holder of Master of Arts (Economic Policy Management) and a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Economics)