Soyabeans is one of the important food legume crops grown in Zambia by both commercial and small scale farmers. Soyabeans has the highest concentration and the most balanced quality of protein amongst food legumes crops. The soyabeans oil is also an important source of cooking oil and the cake, left after extraction, is a valuable animal feed. Soyabeans are an excellent rotational crop with cereals.


Variety Characteristics
1. Lukanga Type: Open-pollinated variety, medium maturing.
Tolerance: Shattering, most major diseases.
Days to maturity: 115-120 days
Grain colour: White
Seed rate: 100kg/ha
Spacing: 60 x 4cm
Target regions: I, II
Yield potential: 2,000-3,000kg/ha




AER 1 = Agro-Ecological Region 1

  • Less than 800mm rainfall per year.
  • 80-120 effective growing days.
  • Suitable for millet, sorghum, maize, groundnuts, soyabeans.


AER 2A and AER 2B = Agro-Ecological Region 2a and Agro-ecological Region 2B

  • 800-1, 000mm rainfall per year.
  • 100-140 effective growing days.
  • Suitable for maize, sorghum, millet, cowpea, groundnuts, soyabeans.


AER 3 = Agro-Ecological Region 3

  • More than 1, 000mm rainfall per year.
  • 160+ effective growing days.
  • Suitable for maize, millet, sorghum, groundnuts, beans, rice, soyabean


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