Our Innovation

One of our values is to invest in people, new products, and embrace new ways of doing business as our key to maintain a high performance culture and self-renewal. The innovation behind our products is as a result of a collaborative research approach with Development organizations, national and international research institutions, commercial and Non-governmental organizations. We are committed to providing innovative solutions to the long-term needs of our farming communities.

Research and Development Focus

We exist simply because a farmer exists. Therefore, farmer’s needs, preferences and goals define our present and future research focus. Recent introductions on the market include Orange (Vitamin A) Maize hybrids, Zinc fortified and disease tolerant bean varieties, as well as shorter maturing Groundnut varieties.

Climate Smart Seeds Varieties

Having worked with farmers for more than 7 years now, our research focus is to continue seeking innovative farming practices and developing seeds that will sustainably address productivity, nutrition, tolerance to diseases and pests and adaptability to the prevailing weather patterns. We are conducting trials in water efficient maize hybrids for all the three Agro-Ecological Zones (AEZ) of Zambia and the regional. Suitability trials for new farming areas are also being done. These seeds are intended to address issues of yield, nutrient content, and tolerance to pests and adaptability to climate change