Marx Kahinga Mbunji


Marx Kahinga Mbunji (Non-Executive) is an all-round career seedsman and has more than 29 years’ experience in the seed industry. Marx has done field seeds extension services, seed processing and storage, breeding, and marketing. Marx held management leadership position in a multinational seed company and initiated community seed production in Zambia which brought about the recognition of the informal seed supply system and facilitated the development of quality declared seed regulations for crops such as cassava and sweet potatoes. He is currently working for CIAT HarvestPlus as the Manager for Africa Region Business Development, responsible for supporting country programs with business skills in planning and implementation of the programs. Negotiating with private sector players in the delivery of biofortified food crops.

Marx worked for the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Sierra Leone as a Management Consultant and Team leader on a mission to transform a seed program into a seed company and formalize the seed certification system which established the seed certification authority. He is conversant with seed policy, seed law and regulations. Mentored the seed program management for transformation into Seed Company. Marx was part of the team that drafted the Zambia Seed and Research policy document that is now part of the National Agriculture Policy of the Government of the Republic of Zambia. He was also a team member of the consultants that wrote the National Seed Compendium of Zambia that formed the basis for regional harmonization of seed laws in SADC. Had has been an active member of the harmonization process and founder member of the Agriculture Institute of Zambia (AIZ) Executive Council.

Marx holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences (BSc) and an agriculturist by training.