Stewards Globe Limited is an emerging seed company with an edge to provide solutions to smallholder agricultural productivity with improved seed varieties of cereals and legumes and technological transfer. The company aims to increase food security and incomes of smallholder farming community in Zambia who account for 90% of agricultural output and those beyond neighbouring countries.


Stewards Globe Limited brings in a fresh and innovative approach to business by integrating Zambia’s smallholder farmers into the larger commercial market. The board and management of the company have functional and technical expertise combined with hands-on-experience to conduct business in an effective and professional manner. Our company has the capacity to engage in any business as the economy dedicates with its main lines of business being agribusiness, consultancy, manufacturing and distribution. The company was established with a strong belief in social capital partnership with other establishments to reduce transactional cost and enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and appropriateness of the means of delivering the output.

1. Our purpose

The purpose of SGL is to serve:

  • Our Customers with creative, innovative and reliable top-quality goods and services, and creating customer loyalty that will ensure customer satisfaction and delight;
  • Our Employees with meaningful and challenging work that will enable them to be empowered, have good salaries, ensure career development and a pleasant work-environment that will promote innovation and provide employment stability;
  • Our Shareholders by providing attractive returns on their investments;
  • The Country and rest of the world by creating knowledge and wealth and providing solutions to the best of our ability to critical problems;
  • Society by showing that success and high moral standards can coexist; and
  • Ultimately God by being faithful and good stewards.

2. Our Vision

We aspire to be pioneers and leaders in providing superior adaptable agricultural solutions to our customers by deploying all available resources prudently.

3. Our mission

We provide high quality agricultural solutions engineered by productive investment in our motivated and empowered workforce that delivers attractive returns to shareholders and create value for our customers.

4. Our Values

  1. Stewardship

As good stewards, we consistently produce the highest quality products and services for our stakeholders.

  1. Client focus

We continually search for new and better ways to provide the best solutions for customer satisfaction and delight.

  1. Passion

We deliver exceptional service with passion for our customers, stakeholders and employees.

  1. Teamwork

Our strength is in our team and network of partners and the collective knowledge we possess.

  1. Integrity

We make it our priority to honour our commitments with sensitivity at all times. We walk the talk and are committed to a consistent, honesty and reliable way of action.

  1. Innovation

We invest in our people and systems and embrace new ways of doing business as our key to maintain a high performance culture and self-renewal.